The flavours of Argentina are in more than just the cuisine. From the vineyards of Mendoza to the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Northern and Southern Argentina. These atmospheric ingredients are what make for a true Argentinean experience. This is Vos - An experience that goes beyond taste.

Argentinian beef is one of the best in the world. Its quality and rich taste is derived from the luscious grass the cattle are feed on, which has less saturated fats and healthier omega three fatty acids, resulting in leaner cuts than corn-reared breeds.

The cattle breeds are mainly Aberdeen Angus, sometimes mix with Hereford, and they grow and live free in natural conditions in the humid Pampas region, which is the most important and best-known cattle-producing region as it has vast and open pastures. The size of the cuts is smaller than those that are raised with hormones and antibiotics and in feedlots. The slaughter is performed on animals that weight on average 450 to 500 kg and are 24 to 30 months old.

Argentina’s regulation doesn’t allow producers to give any kind of antibiotic or hormone to the cattle and the country’s production system is not based on feedlots.